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Running on an empty wallet

About a year ago, I decided that as part of a final push to lose weight I would attempt to get into running. It was an activity that I previously had hated. Why run, when their are so many other effective ways to get healthy? There was a lure about running to me, a challenge if you will. So I dedicated myself and I quickly found out something. The more I ran, the healthier I became, and the more I started to actually enjoy myself. I fell hardcore into the activity and made the switch from,  running for exercise into being a RUNNER. During that process I discovered something else too. Running is not cheap, its ultra expensive as a matter of fact. Sure, nobody is stopping anyone from lacing up any pair of shoes and going for a jog. However if you want to run competitively (or competitively against the clock at least ) its costly. Running strong means running with the right shoes, running on the correct nutrition, running races, running with the right accessories/gear, running in different environments, running pain and injury free, etc. All of this costs copious amounts of money (and I know I just barely scratched the surface), which can be difficult to budget on a limited income. I want to improve my running and to get better, but I need to find a way to both run strong and to run cheap. I know that many runners constantly find themselves with this problem- choosing between the dollar or the mile. So I believe  its worth exploring much further.


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2 thoughts on “Running on an empty wallet

  1. runningscientist on said:

    I totally agree with you – running is not cheap. I started running to get healthy as well, but after transitioning from running for exercise, to seriously running – the bill has really stacked up. Shoes, running clothes, and race fees. Oh those race fees. They are expensive! I feel you and am in the same situation!!!

  2. You are very right, running is not cheap and most race entries are outrageous. However, you can be an economical runner, and even a racer. I have spent loads of money on running paraphernalia and race entries, but have found that if I shop frugally for healthy foods (fruits & veggies) at discount markets or stores, buy past years’ running gear at clearance prices, chose races close by with lower entry fees, and surround myself with other more experienced runners then I am not dipping into savings for such costs.

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