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Wheying My Options

The idea for this one occrued for me after I finished my hard Friday run this morning. I  headed over to a nutrition store next to my gym to buy a gel for my race on Sunday, and I realized that it would soon be time to purchase another container of whey protein again. Or would it? Has whey protein simply become a supplement I can no longer justify to myself? Are there cheaper ways to get protein into my body?

I use whey protein quite regularly. Usually following strength training workouts. I believe that weight training,  which I do 3-4 times a week, has been essential in improving my overall running and fitness. Not to mention, that I love to do it. Its a relaxing way to detune from the day for me, and nothing completes a good workout  like that rewarding whey protein shake at the end. I also it use after heavy resistance training cardio like spin or a hill workout on the tready. Again, it makes for such a tasty and nutritious reward.  Yes,  I know that a lot of nurtititon articles ( Im a fitness/article  junkie) have suggested that post workout timing is not necessary or at best s debatable, but I like the shakes (whey and water)  and I need the protein. But this comes at a cost.

The last 3 times I have bought the Gold Standard Whey  that I use it has cost me respectively 50$, 78$ and 60$.   Now, I  always buy the big container because the bulk and how often I use it make it the best value. Also,  because it lasts approximately 2 to 3 months. Still, its quite a hefty sum. Almost like a health tax I pay every couple of months because I feel I need it.  When I talk to my friends about it, most suggest I can find it cheaper online. However when I look, I dont find it to be all that much different in cost. With the price of gas getting astronomical, and every dollar getting precious, Im starting to think I better find a better way to fill my protein needs.

I think this has been effective, but are there cheaper substitutes?

How to do this?

1. Greek Yogurt is increasingly cheap in bulk and one of my favorite foods to eat later at night.

Chobani is my favorite, though usually not the cheapest. I love all flavors of Greek yogurt though. Total Yum

2. Black Beans have a lot of protein in them and they are ultra cheap and I love them with dinner and as a snack.

I eat these right out of the can. Seriously. Need to have them even more.

3. Canned Tuna in water is never very expensive and there are always good deals at Supermarkets that I will have to pay better attention to

Another great source of protein, that I really enjoy and is usually cheap. Time to stock up. My cats will be happy as well. They love to clean the cans

4. Milk– I cant tell you how many non-runners have told me about the low fat chocolate milk article(s) that have come out that I have already read. If you are a runner and you havent  read the info, it basically suggests that the best post recovery drink for you is a glass of low fat chocolate milk. I have also seen where  in  various studies and articles, milk  is an excellent  beverage for muscles development and growth. I love milk, I just have 2 problems with it. Either I drink it too quickly, or it sits and goes bad. I think if I develop a set schedule about using it and storing it a correct portion of milk will help me fit my protein needs. Not exactly sure what milk costs these days.

Have to get back on the milk plan again

5. Cottage Cheese  is fairly cheap and  a great source of protein, but I dont know if I  can use this one. I dont dislike the taste but it is weird, and the consistency of cottage cheese is also really odd to me. I have tried adding small bites of fruit to it to make it better, but I still am not entirely sold taste wise. File this one under maybe

Never met anyone other than my mom who eats this regularly

Ill have to think about this more, and mull it over.  Suggestions are always welcome. I will definitely have to ask my running friend /advisor Becky. Becky is amazing. She is older than me,  a tremendous runner,  in amazing shape, and is full fledged vegan (not for me, but badass for sure). Someone like that probably has good protein ideas.

Enjoy your run. Enjoy your day :0


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