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A Huge Weekend Runcheap Thank You To….

I have decided to add another important weekly theme to this particular blog which will appear one time each weekend. Let me explain.

Every week when I get my mini dry erase board out and write out my weekly list of things to do, I always include as one of the items a “Gesture”. You see, every week I make it a point to accomplish at least  1 thoughtful thing for somebody other than myself. These gestures dont have to be costly and gigantic and can take on many different forms. Sometimes they are offering to cover someones classes or duty at work, giving someone a ride home even know its way out of my way, getting a bunch of bananas for my capoeira class, or maybe giving a few dollars to a charity I believe in. Sometimes I have exactly what I want to do in mind and sometimes, it just happens during the week. Each week I make sure it happens,out of desire to do it and not out of obligation.  I am not writing this to suggest that Im some incredibly selfless person. I put the gesture on my list because I am grateful for what I have in life and everything/everyone that supports me. I need to carry that over to this blog

A lot of the discussion on this blog is about how difficult the expense of running is to overcome in order for someone to run competitively on a constrained budget. Despite incredibly shrinking funds however, I still have been able to improve my overall running and accomplish some of my running/fitness goals. How? Part of it is because the personal decisions and choices I make for sure. But a HUGE part of it is that I have a lot of factors in my life that make it possible for me to get where I want to go as a runner. It is these factors that these weekend posts will devoted to. So each week, I will be acknowledging someone/someplace/something that keeps me running strong and running cheap, with a “Huge Weekend Runcheap Thank You“.

**** I should note that I could write this column about my mom every single freaking week. The posts and the gratitude would be endless, because of the uncountable ways she supports me (and doesnt have to). Especially considering that at 32, I still drive her crazy sometimes………******

So for my first…….

A Huge Weekend  Runcheap Thank You To ….. My Car

Thank you Scion XA!

I abuse my car. It is sad. Sometimes out of necessity, sometimes out of sheer laziness. I commute 80 miles a day to and from my job, and then probably another 30 or so to and from capoeira twice a week, and then to and from my gym (short trips, but still) quite often, and then to and from my tempo runs, etc, etc, etc.  Then on top of that, there is all that driving that I have to do to get to races in Gainesville, Palm Harbor, Clearwater, and downtown Tampa among other places. My car logs a lot of mileage, close to a 140,000 in the less than six years I have owned it. Of its own accord, without user error, it has NEVER broken down. The only ever time it did not answer the call was when I drained the battery by stupidly leaving my lights on for a long amount of time. When I blew out my tire on a curb, and had a minor wreck this year, it was repaired and running strong again fairly quickly. And not at colossal expense.

Yep, the Scion has been huge for me. And I dont take great care of it. Oil changes go way past due, the brakes were not changed quickly enough, and I have kicked it out of frustration towards something else multiple times. The inside is usually a disaster as well. When you drive as much as I do, your car becomes part storage facility, part cafeteria, part gym locker. Clothes, cups, crumbs are often all over the place and cat hair and dust often lines the dasher. It needs to be professionally detailed badly, and often. I obviously dont have the money for this. Instead it gets me giving it a halfway cleaning every once in a while. About once a year my dad and I do a pretty good job cleaning it completely, but it never lasts long. It returns to its overused and rather ugly looking state. The Scion does not complain.

Instead it gets tremendous gas mileage for the amount of miles I have put on it. It has cost me only minimally in repairs and fixes. It continues to run well, handle well, and get me safely and reliably from point to point. If it hadnt, if it had broken down because of my crappy maintenance (or other reasons), then I wouldnt have the funds to take myself running, get those new sneakers, purchase those gels, go to the gym for that extra workout. I  also wouldnt have the transportation to get there. My running would not have improved if my vehicle was not reliable and efficient. It saves me both money and time that I can use elsewhere. So once again. A huge weekend thank you to my Scion XA!

I dont (sadly) have any photos of my actual car, but this is a different example of the Blue 2006 Scion XA that gets me where I need to go and lets me run cheap.

Who or what supports your running?  Thank them

Enjoy your run. Enjoy your day :0


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