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Looking for a different kind of PR this Monday

****On a side note, before I start. Just read the April Runners World at my local bookstore. Great as always. If you get a chance, find it and  read Tish Hamilton’s column called “The Cure”. Simply Stellar*****

Every Monday, I use the hour in between finishing weight lifting and my evening spin class to go food shopping at the Publix (best local supermarket in Florida) across the street from my gym. Food shopping in Supermarkets has become one of my favorite chill passtimes of late. I used to cringe when I would go. Every time I paid for whatever I needed I could see literally see the numbers getting smaller in my bank account. Lately I have taken different a tact. I have turned it into sort of a game, a money saving game. How much money can I save and still get what I need to be a healthy, nutritious person in a way that will keep me running?

Im prepared for said game,  with the Publix circular that comes out every Wednesday and lists all the good deals (I love the buy one get ones especially-Yay for BOGOS!). I analyze this like a political expert might sift closely through polling data and demographics, seeing what works for me and what does not. I also use local papers to find and any manfacturers coupons that might come in handy in an effort to save a buck. I used to make fun of people who used coupons and looked around for good bargains. Seriously.  In my stupidly,  formerly chauvinistic way, I would say things like “It is not worth saving 80 cents if I have to carry around that silly piece of paper. What guy would want to do that?”. It was arrogant, and dumb,  and as my budget shrunk I abandoned that post as fast as humanly possible (If you like history, think of the Americans fleeing the Battle of Bladensburg during the war of 1812…wow I am a dork). Now I have regular conversations about coupons and deals with my mom and others. When I see a group of people eating strawberries and blueberries at work, I say  out loud to them, “2 for 5 at Publix huh?”.  They usually laugh and nod.

I love BOGO at Publix. It is starting to really help me out

Last Monday, I saved close to 12 bucks in a short shopping trip during one of those “BOGO Mondays” as I sometimes like to call them. That was a PR, by far. Like running, practice at saving money makes perfect. The more I have to shop cheaply, the better I get at it and the more satisfying it gets when I succeed. 3 for 5 on cartons of Strawberries, BOGO on Life Cereal, dollar off Corn Flakes, and  BOGO on Diet Lemonade were what did it this time. It was a good feeling to know that I had done something smart to save money. Especially since  I largely still got what I needed. This monday I need some more food, and it might be a bigger shopping trip. I smell a new PR on the horizon.

Will this week's circular lead me to a new food savings PR? 🙂

Enjoy your day. Enjoy your run :0


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