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Cost of Running An Endurance Race Follow Up- A Great Deal

This one is really one of those, “am I the only person in the world who didnt know this?” type moments.  I have to concede, Im still something a newbie to the whole scene so Ill chalk it up as a learning experience.

Last week I wrote a whole blog post about the cost of running my last endurance race of the season- The Florida Beach Halfathon. This Sunday I ran that race and had a terrific experience (at the cost I stated). Ft. Desoto is quite a beautiful park before and after sunrise and while the heat slowed me down, the  whole time on the course was enjoyable. The post race spread was delectable and the beach afterward  was predictability spectacular as well.  Additionally,  I was told several times by racers about the deal that Florida Road Races offered. Huh? What Deal? There was a deal? I missed a deal? A chance…. to save… money….GRR..

Enjoyed my beach side sunrise halfathon tremendously and the medal, but I wish I had planned a little further ahead and been aware of their offers.

I should have been aware of this deal and I was not. This is what happens when you add a race last minute, you miss small pieces of info which then turn out to be really ginormous money saving pieces of info about exactly what you write all your damn postings about! Therein possibly costing yourself money. As it turns out if you register for all races at once at the beginning of the season you can get all 4 for $160. Let me state that again, 4 races at stellar locations for a grand total of 160 bucks. 40 dollars for a halfie? Total steal.  Plus they offer an extremely friendly deferral and cancellation policy. This is almost as important because you never know what opportunities/injuries/life circumstances will and wont come up. Its also an indicator that Florida Road Races is RACER FRIENDLY. This is a big deal to me. Its important that organizations that put on races that  dont only exist as a product to be sold (happening more frequently),  but as an experience for runners. This means being accommodating whenever possible. In fact I just read a different blog posting ( yesterday about a blogger having difficulty with the NYRR with respect to the NYC Half.

A thank you to the race director for pointing this out to me (see his comment on my previous post), and a big thank you to all of those racers who told me about this both before 7am and after 9 am on Sunday.

Once I find out more specifically what my own life situation will be next year, I may sign up for the rest of the races together 🙂

Please visit-.  to get more info

Enjoy your run. Enjoy your day :0


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2 thoughts on “Cost of Running An Endurance Race Follow Up- A Great Deal

  1. YEP. My only problem is that it is difficult to decide whether you want to do a race and sign up so far in advance. Iusually sign up for my big race and then enter other races as they come around (and if they fit in my schedule). Unfortunately, that means I always end up paying for it ! If only there were some sort of middle ground

    • Yeah, thats why I like their deferral policy, but still I hear ya. Big races and fit in what you can is what I am going to try next “season”. Im new to this, so I did it all scattershot this time (3 endurance races in 5 weeks-haphazardly scheduled). Lesson learned, have to figure out what my next “Big Race” is now…

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