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Wish List Wednesday… Of songs and soil

Today’s wish list deals with my lack of spice so to speak. Both in adding some flavor to some of my training runs with music and in adding homegrown spices for my food.  So on that note, onward.

Today’s running wish is….

I wish I had a functioning IPOD to run with….

Set up-  Just stopped working… GRRR

I dont remember when my IPOD Nano departed me. It was sometime during the summer when I was base building for my first marathon. Like all electronic items that I seem to own, it simply stopped working for no reason. Quite literally, one day it worked and the next day it didnt. There was no discernible incident between the last time I had used it and this time. It just ceased to operate correctly. It happened on a training run too. An LSR of all things. It would simply play for 5 seconds and turn off. Play for 5 seconds and turn off. It was annoying, and I knew it was charged correctly so I was concerned. Ugh, I had to complete a whole LSR with no music! I remember thinking how absurdly dreadful that run was. How colossally boring! Running without music!  Argh. I accomplished my long run that day and was proud of myself  for doing it sans tunes. When I returned to my house, I set to work on fixing the problem. Surely this was a simple problem. A quick fix. No  worries. I had problem solved IPOD problems before. But it wasnt. It was dead, beyond repair. It would not hold a charge either and even when plugged in it would turn off without prompting after only a few seconds. I still physically own that IPOD. Everyone once in a while, I get bored and try to revive it. No go. Its gone, and I dont have the money for any other.

I miss my portable music

The IDEAL WISH- Just a replacement

This was one is simple. I just want another version of my exact same IPOD back in order with functioning headphones. That is all. I dont really want to use it for LSR’s anymore ironically. In the interim- without the music- I have really learned to enjoy my long runs and being outside with nature (even boring Wesley Chapel/Lutz/ and Land o Lakes have their charms).  I also dont want it for races. I have run so well in races without music, that I dont want to go back to using it.  Nope, I wish I had my functioning I POD back for my gym treadmill runs in the morning on Mon-Wed-Fri. That I could jam out to that running playlist I worked so hard to develop. That music could help with that morning self motivation. That I could tune out (literally and figuratively) the annoying people in the gym when Im lifting or rowing. That I could put on whatever music Im feeling for my workout- whether that be really hype techno, hard metal, poppy nonsense, or even in depth listening intellectual music- and let it go. That would be more than ideal. I miss music driven gym workouts, and the extra good feeling I get when Im working out with some tunes.

I dont need a fancy new one, just another version of my broken one

The Reality-  Please Change The Rotation!

I run in the morning on the treadmill to whatever programming on the TV has and listen to whatever dreadful musical choices my gym blares on the loudspeakers. It is just awful.  And they dont change the rotation ever it seems like.  I have learned to enjoy songs that I cant stand, just because its always on their early morning rotation. They also run the same commercials again and again and again and again as well. I hate them. That is not a word I use lightly, but when you run 3 mornings a week at your gym and have your head assaulted with the same terrible nonsense repeatedly… well.. I hate them. I also dislike having to listen to others chit chat while I lift. This is a personal choice. Strength training is a good relaxing step out of the world for me.  I really just want to chill out, go at with the weights and enjoy my afternoon or evening. I dont want to have to listen to other people talk or grunt or whatever. Without an IPOD I cant do this.

The Possibility- Hand-Me-Downs To The Rescue?

Im limited on this one. My sister has recommended buying the smaller IPOD Shuffle. A cost she describes as “Only  50 dollars”. Thats too much to justify to myself for something that is a luxury. Thats money that can go a bunch of other places. Others have suggested buying one online for cheaper, but I dont trust buying something used. Plus the deals that others find online dont end up being actually deals for me. I could also take it to the IHospital. Thats one of those neat places that are sprouting up to fix your mac related problems. The workers there even wear scrubs to sell the gimmick. I have used it before for the same IPOD when I had some problems and extra cash. They were friendly, quick, and convenient. It also cost me $65 to fix. So not so much on that. I guess all that I can hope for is one of my family members getting an upgrade or getting sick of one of their older ones and offering it to me. If hand- me- downs work for clothing, why not for electronic devices? I would love to just splurge and get one, and thats what I used to do, but music while I workout is an extra so Im holding off.

Inheriting an older shuffle is probably my best bet at this point

Now onto my nutrition wish….

I wish I could grow my own spices/ have my own home garden…

Set up-  Grow Your Own

I wrote to one of my favorite bloggers recently about trying to save money and run cheap while living healthy. She wrote back with a huge helpful list of suggestions, that I am trying to implement slowly but surely into my life. One of her suggestions was that I attempt to grow my own spices/plants. I was intrigued by this idea. I am fascinated by people who grow their own veggies, spices, and fruits. It seems so cool to eat something that came from a plant that you grew and nurtured. If you do it right, it is probably also a huge money saver as well. I would love to try to grow even some smaller things like spices. That might easily eliminate some of the blandness from my food. Plus spices are expensive. I cant really do it though, and for a variety of reasons

I would settle for something half of this size.

The Ideal Wish- From My Own Garden To My Own Plate

I wish I could simply plant a few vegetables, fruits, and spices in a small plot near my house. That I knew about how to garden, how to plant, how to use soil, and how to use the proper techniques to get results. That I could prepare a plate of food that at least partly came of my own making. That my bland chicken could be spiced up with oregano, garlic,  or basil or something that you spice chicken with. That I could eat my own straberries, use my own limes, top stuff with nice small tomatoes, even make my own guac from fresh avocado… You get the point

Lovely fresh veggies would be a nice addition to my meals

The Reality- Friendly Feline Destroyers

I live in a townhome. A triplex town home and the only access to the outside I own is a tiny rectangle concrete porch outside of a small sliding door. Its barely enough to even sit a chair and read a book on. I own no actual grass. No land for planting. I could just do a small planter on what counts for my porch right? Not really, lots of outdoor animals roam my neighborhood and I dont want them near my house. Plus in Florida the weather is so unpredictable they could be ruined in a flash. So at least I could grow plants inside you say? Spices grow well as long as you give them adequate sunlight and with the right spot you could get something going indoors. Nope, cant do that either for 2 reasons. They go by the names Denny and Morgan. My 2 tabby cats who are ultra curious and nosey and would probably destroy plant life out of sheer playfulness then anything else. I can see their incredulous faces now as I stare down at a mess of soil on a floor in my house

An older picture of my older tabby, Denny. His pal Morgan and him are curious about everything in the house and planters, soil, and plants would be too much fun to resist.

The Possibility-  Off-Housing My Planting Needs

This one I am working on directly. I brought it up to my mom who is a skilled home gardener. She grows lots of different plants outside on her lanai. She grows tons of spices, limes, lemons, tomatoes, and other things that dont come to mind right now. She has volunteered to teach me how to set it up, care for,   to let me pick a few plants of my own,  and grow them at her place where there is space and a dearth of feline creatures. I would be responsible for their care and take home their output. It will be a fun and productive arrangement. This way I will learn the skill, get the product, and gain myself some important knowledge that will save me some money both now and down the line.

My mother grows lovely scallions in her "Lanai Garden"

Enjoy your run. Enjoy your day :0


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