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This Weekend’s Huge Runcheap Thank You To…. The Dailymile

A Huge Weekend Runcheap Thank You To Dailymile!

Thank you Dailymile! Thank you for providing one of the best services on the web without costing me an extra penny!

I first read about in Runners World of all places. It was in an article about finding local runs when you travel, and it had suggested this as a resource. Intrigued by what precisely it was, I went online the next day and started to play around with it. From a slow trickle at first; it has become my full blown exercise log. Everything I do exercise wise goes on Dailymile. The site is a superb medium for me to post my workouts for a variety of reasons I will get into below. Thanks for providing an exceptional, free, online, social networking site based on around fitness and friendship

This site is simply superb

1) Exercise Log–  Every fitness expert I have read highly recommends recording workouts as a means fo reflection and tracking progress. Plus, its fun to look back and see just how much you accomplished on some weeks. Fresh with this advice I made several attempts to get handwritten fitness notebooks started. They would generally last about 2 weeks before disappearing into the sunset/black hole that is my car or when I was too lazy to physically handwrite them in there. I had given up on logging workouts and tracking progress that way for several months until I discovered Dailymile. Now I have this free service that tracks my weekly mileage and pace, allows me to list the variety of different fitness options I chose, see what others are doing, and even type in some thoughts about the process. And its online. Typing is so much easier for me, and i dont have to kep track of an extra notebook. The electronic nature of the program makes it so much more convenient, easy, and doesnt have me wasting extra cash on notebooks or physical book style fitness logs. Also instead of being a giant chore, doing it electronically has become fun to me. Its one of the first things I do every morning at work, and it gives me that feeling of accomplishment  to do so.

I made several ill-fated attempts to complete exercise logs using notebooks like this before dailymile

2) Social Aspects- I am a product of my generation and I enjoy a fair amount of social networking. I love that Dailymile has designed a site that incorporates the elements of  something like facebook with elements of exercise tracking. They have found the right combination too.I dont have very many friends on there but I have 1 in particular that I enjoy going back and forth over workouts and runs. Besides, its fun just to click around and see what people are doing and get ideas for future workouts from people you may never meet.

3) Racing- This one is related to the social piece of above. I like the feature on this site whereby you can indicate that you are participating in an event and then see others who are participating in the same event. You can then view what others are doing to prep for the same race. It is kind of like having a virtual training group, which for someone who mostly trains alone can be really helpful. Afterwards you can also leave your review of the race as well, making it a superb research tool for the future.

I couldnt find anyone else running this marathon in Gainesville, until I checked on Dailymile. It was particularly useful to read about people's experiences with the difficult conditions/course afterward

4) FREE- This should be #1. I would pay 10$ a month for this service and I have almost no money to spare right now. Thats how much I value it. Track my progress? Geta feel of accomplishment? Look at my running buddies’ workouts? Get new training ideas?  etc? etc? And for free? Just outstanding.

My favorite aspect of this tremendous site

5) Reflective- May have discussed this somewhat already but it needs to be restated and repeated redundnantly. This site is important because of its reflective nature. I love to think about my workouts and how they went after they are done. Particularly my runs, I love to analyze and break them down mile by mile. I hate when I kill a  run and I cant get my thoughts about it clear and down. Dailymile has allowed me to be reflective, it has given me that forum to put my words about my running down so they dont weigh on me. Even if nobody reads them, it is meaningful to me that they get out there.

So all that considered, once again, for helping me improve my running AT ZERO COST  through logging, tracking, social networking, and personal reflection- Again- A wuge weekend Runcheap thank you To Dailymile.

Enjoy your run. Enjoy your day :0


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