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Wish List Wednesday Delayed One Day!

I normally write my Wish List Wednesday post Wednesday mornings before work starts and during my planning and lunch. However this week at work, is one of my least favorite weeks of the year. It is FCAT week. The FCAT is the horridly designed, hostilely approached, and dreadfully inaccurate standardized test of the state of Florida. As an educator, Im required to monitor/proctor this test Mon-Wed. This change in schedule this week left me no time to write the posting today. Could I have done it while I was proctoring? That is not smart, and besides its rude to be hunting an pecking and hunting and pecking while my kids are “supposedly” working hard on their tests. Could I do it tonight? Err, not really. Need to get some capoeira training in and then watch playoff hockey later. So Wish List Wednesday will be moved until tomorrow -where for one time only- it will be called  Wish List Wursday. Yep, its lame but intentionally so 🙂

See ya tomorrow.  Here is a hint it about the topic- throwaway races and meal starters

Enjoy Your Run. Enjoy Your Day :0


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