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Race Results

7/4/2011- July 4th Midnight Run 10k (Dunedin Florida)- 52.50

11/6/2011- Blue Moon Half Marathon (Palm Harbor, Florida)- 1:42:07

11/24/2011- St Pete Times Turkey Trot 10k (Clearwater, Florida)- 43:40

12/17/2011- 23rd Annual Say No To Drugs Holiday Classic 10k (Clearwater, Florida)- 43:30

1/8/2012- Walt Disney World Marathon (Orlando, Florida)- 3:41:00

2/19/2012- Five Points of Life Marathon (Gainesville, Florida)- 3:44:00

3/4/2012- Gasparilla Distance Classic Half Marathon (Tampa, Florida)- 1: 36:00

3/17/2012- Spring Sprint for Autism 5k- ???- See Below

**Let me explain, I ran the first 3.03 miles in 19:37, then got confused about where the finish line was and stopped. I had crossed over mats after all. Turned out it was a further on, which I didnt quite realize for a while. So my official time, ugh- Im not posting it up because it was not the race I ran, which would have finished around 19:55 or so***

3/18/2012- Florida Beach Halfathon (Tierra Verde, Florida)- 1:39:38

4/7/2012- Hare Racing Experience Off Road 5k (Tampa, Fl)- 21:09


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