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A Huge Runcheap Weekend Thank You To… My Cats

During my SLR of 15 miles, I crossed paths with yet another runner accompanied by a faithful dog and it made me think of this posting, and my 2 pals back at home. Namely, my 2 cats Denny and Morgan. So this weekend’s thank you goes out to my two Tabby buddies and all the ways they enhance my running and my life

Thank you cats!

Thank you Denny! Thank you Morgan!

Thank you for being there to be lazy with after my runs!

Thank you for helping me relax after a hard workout!

Everyone loves to think of the dog as the ideal pet for runners. They are athletic, faithful, love the outdoors land like a good amount of exercise in many cases. There are no shortage of articles out there on active and other sites about running with dogs and all the benefits for both parties. I love dogs, I really do. I just dont want to take care of one. Besides, the perfect running pet for me is the cat.

I rescued Morgan from underneath a portable near my school. I figured she would be a companion to my original cat. Happy and docile, she oddly likes to sleep on any workout clothing I might leave out

No, I dont strap a leash on my cat and take them out with me for my recovery runs or slow jogs. No I dont run stairs with them in my house. And no, I dont have some weird backpack that allows them to come with me on my running adventures. Lets just get all that out of the way first. Cats are the perfect running pet for me for other reasons.

When I run, I like to run alone or if possible with a really good friend. As much as I want to get other people into running, I dont want them messing with my workout. I also dont want to accept any responsibility for theirs or their condition. That may be rude or selfish but I get that way when I run. A dog would take all of those factors and multiply them times 20. Not to mention the host of other issues it creates. I dont need a pet for a companion on a run and I dont want one. I want a pet to chill with me when Im done. Nothing like a cat for that.

My original cat-Denny. Super friendly, shy around women like me, and complete pal to me during all times. I knew he was right for me the moment I held him at SPCA

Nothing like coming home from a 15+ mile run on Sunday, all sweaty and gross and crashing right on the couch (when you know you should be in the shower).  Then one cat climbs right on top of me and kneads into my side- a lovely massage- and then purrs contently while I doze. The other one sniffs around my face and then passes out right next to me. Running is hard work and when Im done I want to be lazy. Cats love to be lazy. They just want to sleep, eat and relax most of the day. Guess what? After a day of hard running and exercise- so do I.

Cats help my running out in other ways to. Need to pop out for an extra run? No worries, I dont have to take my animal for a walk. When Im up and at’em at 5 am in the morning for my pre dawn run, I see the glossed look of my neighbors taking their dogs out for a walk. I dont have that problem. My cats are contently asleep inside. They give me that freedom to run whenever I want. When you need to find the cheapest ways/times to get your run in,  this is very helpful.

Cats are so low maintenance, they give me the freedom to run whenever I want to without worrying

Or maybe I want to head out to a race and its an overnight or a long ways away? I dont need to get someone to watch my cat. I can be on my way, worry free and knowing that Denny and Morgan will be there waiting to unwind when I get home. Knowing that they can take care of themselves for a little bit. Knowing that while they enjoy being my pals, they dont seem to resent the time I spend away from home.

My cats are reliable. They are playful. They are loyal. They are easy. They are simple to take care of. They make my life fairly basic. They really arent that expensive. They are 2 wonderful creatures, who provide me with companionship and affection that are sorely lacking in my life. Yet, they dont prevent me from being an active runner. In fact they make me want to run harder so I can enjoy the lazy time with them even more.

I have a lot of post run favorites- a soothing hot shower, a good home cooked meal, a glass of cold milk, slipping on my pair of flip flops, etc. On the top of that list is sitting there watching dvred Jeopardy or whatever with either Denny or Morgan curled on my lap purring contentedly. I know that is a random thing, but I count it among the true pleasures of my running life. That warm feeling keeps me running strong all the time. So a big thank you to my 2 furry feline pals and all the ways they help my running and my life.

I love vegging out with the cats following a hard workout, it is such a contented feeling

Enjoy Your Run. Enjoy Your Day :0


This Weekend’s Huge Runcheap Thank You to…. My Backpack

This weekend’s huge runcheap thank you goes to the longest standing piece of equipment I own, something that has been with me since high school when I was a fake runner.

A Huge Weekend Runcheap Thank You To My Jansport Backpack!

Thank you for lasting since high school, surviving my cats, surviving multiple usages, still being functional, still in perfect condition, and allowing for the perfect race day portable storage system!

I dont remember when I got this particular backpack but it had to have to been sometime around freshman year of high school which would be around 18 years ago in good ole 94. In reality, I most likely took the Jansport Backpack (JBP) with me to Winter Track Meets that I ran throughout 4 years of high school. I guess you can say JBP was with me during my pseudo running days then. I was a terrible winter track athlete. I only ran winter track because I was too small and untalented to play basketball and they didnt cut anyone from track. The  word “ran” is probably a little bit of an exaggeration also since I was huge and out of shape . I also didnt care about it much either, and dont have very many positive winter track memories. Still I went to the meets and most likely brought my homework with me in the JBP.

The JBP survived me well during my days at Walt Whitman High School, including my moments as a winter track "athlete"

The JBP then survived several years of abuse in college, has been my reliable stand in soccer bag, is my backup gym bag, is one of my cats favorite sleep options, and was once the only thing I brought with me for 2 weeks of travel to Brazil (where I jogged along copacabana beach incidentally).

The JBP was with me for 2 weeks in Brazil, I was told to travel with little so I stuffed it to the gills for my couple of weeks there and brought nothing else

It is still in perfect condition and I am currently happily using it as my running bag. Prior to every race, big or small, I pack it with whatever I will need to survive race day. For lengthy drives to races it will be crammed with all sorts of things- sweatshirt, change of clothes, flip flops, extra gels, last minute food options, post race diet soda for the drive home, an extra bottle of water, vasoline, etc. It always has extra pins for when I drop the ones given to me and cant find them in that pre race darkness. It always has extra ties for when I accidentally tie the chip incorrectly and cant fix it. If the GPS directions are wrong, it always has an extra handwritten set stuffed in its back pocket. Reliability.

As my race day bag, the JBP has served as the perfect organizational system/sanity manager 🙂

More than anything else it has been a wonderful object of consistency in my life. I know thats weird or way overthought but to be honest, in a life that is constantly moving and in which I constantly break and buy new things it is terrific to have one thing that has sturdily stood the test of time. Nice to have it in the car seat next to me on my way to every race, knowing that everything I need is in one place.

JBP’s reliability has not only saved me time, it has also saved my sanity several times (by preventing race day emergencies). Additionally, utilizing it has saved me from last minute emergency purchases a myriad of occasions and its durability has prevented me from having to go out and waste money on another bag to travel with or use. It has kept me running organized, steady, and calm for a number of years and will continue to do so for a number of more years. Thanks JBP, for being reliable since high school and my most durable piece of running equipment.

Enjoy your run. Enjoy your day :0

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